Exclusive Interview with Faisal (Kenshin)

by Kal A on April 2, 2011

faisal al-salem ( kenshin ) the vocalist of UNITED

This is a story of a regular Kuwaiti guy whom I spent my high school years with, and he’s one of my best friends. We graduated from high school he went to Japan to study, and I got into Kuwait University. We’ve kept in touch for all that time, and when he’s done with his studies in Japan few years back he return to Kuwait. But that wasn’t the whole story, his life was a roller coaster in there; he studied hard for his future, worked for a living, and sang for his passion. This is an interview with a passionate guy whom I proudly call my bro.

Kal: May we have your real name or you wanna keep it a secret?

Faisal (Kenshin): No, it’s ok, my real name is Faisal Al-Salem and in Japan I’m known as Kenshin.

Kal: How old are you and how long have you been in Japan?

Faisal (Kenshin): I’m 30 years old and I’ve lived in Japan for 10 years, after graduation and coming back to Kuwait I kept going to Japan once a month.

Kal: What did you do in Japan?

Faisal (Kenshin): I did my Bachelor and Master’s in there and while doing that I played music professionally.

faisal al-salem ( kenshin ) the vocalist of UNITED

Kal: How did you start playing music?

Faisal (Kenshin): Started as a hobby in USA and watching my American friends playing that really attracted me to play, but not living there and not knowing how to play any instrument was the reason I didn’t do it that time. After moving to Japan, first year in college I met a guy called “Ewasaki Yuki” or known as “Don” we had the same interests, he taught me how to play Guitar; second year in college Don joined a copy band called “Susumu the Punk” I saw them play once and told them I wanna sing, and so they let me! Started off doing only copies “amateur style” then started writing our own songs, so we can play outside the university and from that day we became known as “Bleeding Head

We did a lot of shows 5 to 6 shows a month but those were in front of merely 1 to 2 people and those 1 to 2 people became hundreds and so on. While doing Bleeding Head, started off another band called “Najat” got 1 CD out for for both Bleeding Head and Najat, both CDs were sold out! After graduation from Japan, I went back to Kuwait and due the reason I’m living in Kuwait and not being able to go back to Japan in frequent basis, sadly we disband.

One month after that I got the love call ( a you are hired call) from “UNITED” to be their new singer and I’ve been playing with them ever since.

faisal al-salem ( kenshin ) the vocalist of UNITED

Kal: How big is “United” in Japan?

Faisal (Kenshin): They have been playing since 1981 and they’re one of the biggest thrash metal bands in Japan.

Kal: Why aggressive music?

Faisal (Kenshin): I’ve nothing against Pop and Rap for instance, in the contrary I listen to them, but aggressive music more of personal issues like family, what’s happening in the country, and real life in general. I know aggressive music has some demonic side and there are some demonic bands but being in thrash, hardcore, heavy metal band, and what’s so cool about it is everybody loves everybody and there’s no ego, you can never find that in Rap which is constantly about the gangster community and Pop is just plastic music… Most of those guys are either doing drugs or using their fame for their own pleasure. Again, I LOVE Rap and there’s no grudge towards it and my favorite is Run D.M.C.!

Kal: How are you in real life?
Faisal (Kenshin): I’m a regular guy, love hanging out with friends, don’t care about the way I look or talk, I  know playing in a heavy metal band make people think you are crazy, YES, I’m crazy but the good kind :) I always find myself “HADD” Hyper Attention Definite Disorder :D

Kal: This is the end of Part 1 of the interview, and Faisal (Kenshin) has more to say and would like you to hear his story and spread the word, he needs your support and your encouragement, you can do that by following him on Twitter as he needs more tweeps from all over the globe ^.^

Note: Kenshin was involved with more bands but due to his time and the readers’ time he didn’t mention them, one of those bands was called 187

Check out United website where it has in the intro a new song for the band and you can see Faisal’s powerful performance!

As for now here are few more photos of him during some shows with United:

faisal al-salem ( Kenshin ) United singer

Faisal Al-Salem ( Kenshin ) United singer

Faisal Al-Salem ( Kenshin ) United vocalist

Faisal Al-Salem ( Kenshin ) United vocalist

Check out the second part of Faisal’s interview

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  • http://twitter.com/Immortalita88 Spirit Whisper

    It is really nice to to know that there’s a Kuwaiti guy who is a part of a famous band, I didn’t hear about this band before but it should be an important band since they have been playing since 1981 :) Good Luck !

    • http://www.kal01.com/ Kal

      It is and thanks :)

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  • Zooom_818

    اعذروني اني اكتب بالعربي لان اهيه اللغه الوحيده الي اقدر اعبر فيها المقابله روعه استمتعت بقرائتها واكثر شي عجبني بشخصيه فيصل ان حقق احلامه سوى الشي الي يحبه لان حلو ان ااشخص يكون مرتاح وراضي على نفسه صحيح قالو عنه مجنون واذا مجنون ساعات الجنون فنون موفق انشالله ومنهى للعالميه قامبري ^^

    • http://www.kal01.com/ Kal

      مشكوره على الكلام الحلو وتشجيعج وترقبي الجزء الثاني من المقابلة خلال هاليومين ^^

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  • http://arkzero28.blogspot.com/ Arkzero

    you blogged about him, just noticed it. I’ll link to your blog if that is ok.

    • http://www.kal01.com/ Kal

      of course it is, I’ll be glad to.

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