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by Kal A on June 25, 2011

Mada Communications (formerly known as Arab Telecommunications Co.) is the newest Internet Service Provider for individuals in Kuwait with the latest WiMax technology. With all the recent fuss about the Data Caps in Kuwait by the well-known current and bloodsucking ISPs, Mada seemed as a decent solution for me because of all what the other ISPs are planning to do, Mada offered their WiMax services, UNLIMITED (which is everybody’s right) for 3 months/KD60 and the router for free. After the 3 months they might charge you for the caps and their services might be limited as well. Therefore, I thought it would be a good opportunity to use it for these upcoming 3 months with my really heavy usage of the internet. I’ve been using it for 2 weeks now, and so far everything looks not bad, considering  and comparing the options we have in Kuwait. Despite the fact that Mada still not fully covering all of Kuwait provinces with their promised 10Mbs, and specially my area Surra (I’ve been also told by Mada that my area still not fully covered), thus it has a stable 1.5Mb to 2.5Mb, which is kind of good for me.

mada router

Configuring the router needs no brainer, it’s a matter of plug and play. After plugging the router, it will blink for few seconds and then you’ll see the Mada network in your Wi-Fi scanning result, put in the Username/Password that can be found underneath the router itself, or just use the 2 meters ethernet cable that comes along with the product. To access the router configurations page, browse to and enter User as the username and password; you can change the password once you log in into the administration page.

mada router

Now, one crucial thing must be provided with my internet connection, that is Peer-to-peer. The first two days it was working fine with no problems whatsoever then it was hell for me, my downloaded torrents weren’t moving that fast at all, I was really disappointed and thought Mada gave up to those Leeches’ pressure (the other ISPs), as I heard they declared war against Mada. Till I read Mark‘s tweet saying that Mada has an issue with their Uplink, and that took approximately 3-4 days to get fixed, after that I was unleashed again to the P2P world.

mada router kuwait

Bottom line, the service is great, and they’re willing to improve their WiMax soon to cover all Kuwait’s areas eventually and equally. So far it’s the right choice unless your area isn’t fully covered yet, again, Mada is covering all of Kuwait, but its coverage varies from one area to another so before subscribing make sure that your area is included in their priority list so you’d know what to expect when purchasing their services. To really grasp what I’m getting from Mada, once I was downloading my iTunes/Mac OS X update, few P2P files were active too, and playing Black Ops online with no issues to notice!

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  • Alawee

    Hey There
    I have had Mada now for about two months…
    and it sucks….
    variable speeds.. from 0.2 to about 4 mbps…
    support staff are very annoying… they think all clients are idiots… and keep repeating same instruction with every phone call..
    close down the modem for half an hour..
    try relocation the modem elsewhere in your house.. and more of the same…
    I am sorry I paid for the full 12 months, for the deal of a free modem…
    I will definitely not renew my subscription again…
    Not worth 20 KD/month for around 2mbps…

    • Kal

      Hey, I admit I had that speed when there was a cable issue affecting the region, other than that it’s working fine with me 6-8Mbps most of the time. You should’ve tested for the first week and if you weren’t satisfied you could get a refund.

  • Frustrated

    Thank you for that information. It was very helpful. I want to change my internet provider because they have no care or concern about the customer, and the company is one of the worst in Kuwait. I guess you have to try them to know them. I wasted two years of my life with that company. I will try Mada, and I hope it will restore my faith in the internet service in Kuwait.

    • Kal

      Frankly it’s doing pretty good for my internet needs, I don’t pause videos on YouTube anymore and I have no more concerns about my downloads. First ask them if your area is covered and if it is then you can try it for a week, if it’s not what you expected then you may cancel the subscription and get your money back.

  • sam

    how to connect xenon device to a 3g router and how can configure that 3g router,an apn option is there ,dial number also asked

    • Kal

      I have no idea about that, but Mada’s isn’t a 3G router…

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