The Syrian Refugees Need Your Help

by Kal A on December 15, 2013

layan syria campaign

Winter is here and so far it looks that it’s going to be a very harsh and cold one. We’re in Kuwait, living in a peaceful country alhamdullah with a lot of facilities to make us go through any rough circumstances and harsh seasons. But a lot of countries don’t have such facilities, especially the Syrian refugees. Governments around the world and more specific the ones nearby Syria let them down, thus you and me can make a difference by doing the simplest thing. By sharing some of the warmth we’re having in our homes. Therefor, I’ve searched the web for a charity to join, I already knew about Sheikh Abdullah Al-Nouri Charity Society which was one of the first to establish such charities online. I also found Layan (picture above) a Syrian campaign done by the youths of the Gulf countries to support the Syrian refugees in Lebanon.

Most likely you are reading this while sipping on your favorite hot mocha, wearing a very comfy pullover, in a very warm and cozy office. That’s why I urge you to spare few minutes of your time and spend just a couple of Dinars to save a kid who’s miles away from you sharing one blanket with his brothers and sisters. It’s never been easier so please act now!

Sheikh Abdullah Al-Nouri Charity


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